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‘The Daily Locker Room Day By Day’ workbook is a hands-on interactive guide to help you live your very best …

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Make Yourself the Underdog

Did you just hit the side of a bulletin board?

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It’s All Bullsh**

The garment business used to tell me all the time …

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Believe In Others

You’ll be right 99% of the time.

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Be You

I would sound and be like them.

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Sometimes You Gotta Get Intense

Let me get a check list and see if this makes sense

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It’s Not Sexy

Somebody tweet Webster’s!

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Cut Me Some Slack….Please?

My limited thinking at the time was causing me pain and suffering.

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Building Solid Relationships

Engage in what Rick Altig calls the platinum rule.

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Believe in Yourself

Most of the time it will come to pass.

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Just Go With It

It’s these buses I want to talk about.

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Don’t Settle for Good Enough

Don’t make the mistake of settling for good enough!

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The Magic Is In You

There’s only one thing that EVER stops us from forward momentum.

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No One Is Watching

What kind of things are you up to when no one is watching?

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World Class Habits

I’d like to share some habits that will help you to develop.

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The Six Principles of Leading People

Someone got very creative and figured out a way to make that formula work.

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The One Minute Manager

How many of you have seen managers rip somebody up in public?

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Creating a Winning Culture

These are the five foundations for building a great culture.

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Fear and Failure Are Inevitable

Refer to this formula and have no fear of failure.

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A fundamental component of achievement and success

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Implement What You Learn

I set up specific time in the morning to do this.

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World Class Thinking vs Average Class Thinking

I recently filed a lawsuit against Abercrombie and Fitch…

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Winning with People

If you’re a parent and you have a teenage child you better learn.

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Share the Joy

Joy shared is joy doubled

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Think Like an Owner

Think like a business owner

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