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A Burning Desire to Succeed

What drives people with vast handicaps such as: not knowing the language, not knowing the right people, not having any money? The boy with the burned legs who becomes the champion runner? Helen Keller, blind and deaf from early childhood? What in the world is the answer? The answer, if fully understood, will bring you and I anything and everything we truly want. And it’s deceptively simple.

They have goals. They have a burning desire to succeed despite all handicaps. They know exactly what they want. They think about goals every day of their lives. It gets them up in the morning, and it keeps them giving their very best all day long. It’s the last thing they think about before dropping off to sleep at night.

They have a vision of exactly what they want to do, and that vision carries them over every obstacle. This vision, this dream, this goal invisible to all the world except the person holding it, is responsible perhaps for every great advance and achievement of humankind. It’s the underlying motivation for just about everything we see about us. Every worthwhile achievement is simply a dream come true, a goal reached. So strap in and keep pressing forward as you live your very best life!

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