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Protect Your Assets

If you were asked to name your most valuable asset, what would you list? Your home, car, stocks, bonds, bank account, spouse, children, job? If you selected any of the above, you would be wrong.

Our most precious asset is our natural, God-given health. It is our minds and bodies – the things that come to us free! These natural assets are irreplaceable. If we use them properly we can easily acquire all the tangible assets we value so highly.

To properly utilize our minds and bodies, we need to develop a Life Plan. We can achieve all we want – emotionally, physically, financially, if we will only plan for it. Your Life Plan should cover these areas: exercise, nutrition, stress management, and attitude.

You shape your own life and that shape is determined by your general attitude. Develop a positive, healthy attitude toward yourself. It is your attitude toward yourself that determines your attitude toward others. It is your attitude toward life which will determine life’s ‘attitude’ toward you.  Take action today and protect your assets; your mind and your body, through a Life Plan. In so doing you will live your very best life!

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