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Build A Personal Sanctuary

When you step into your home, you want to feel it is reaching out and comforting you after a long day of work. But perhaps you live with a messy roommate, or your kids leave their toys strewn about, or you’re just not the most organized individual.

So you open the door to find the sink full of dishes, laundry to be done, your roommate lounging on the couch with their feet on your nice coffee table. … you get the point. Before you lose your mind, take control of what you can. If it’s just your bedroom you have domain over, transform it into a sanctuary.

Of course, if you can work your magic on the whole house, even better. But no matter what, you’ll need a room to which you can escape for relaxation. To take a room from four walls to sanctuary, first clean out the clutter. Paint the rooms in colors that are comforting to you. Put lights on dimmers so they’re not so intense. Add candles to be lit at night to an even softer glow to the atmosphere.

You may even want to grab some flowers to add a nice smell to the house. Turning your home into a sanctuary will calm and relax you after a full day out and create a warm feeling so that every time you come home, you will be looking forward to it and continue living your very best life!

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