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Strengthen Your Core

A toned core is not only good looking; it’s also good for you. As you strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, you’ll automatically improve your posture, prevent future and relieve existing back pain, and help your overall balance. Plus, you’ll look even hotter than you do now.

The best exercises for strengthening the core muscles are those that require you to engage the muscles and move them around. Activities such as Pilates, yoga, boxing, gymnastics, dancing, and basketball are all excellent core exercises, as are targeted strength training exercises.

While you cannot spot-train to reduce fat, you can spot train to increase and tone muscle. So if you need to lose body fat, make sure to burn off extra calories through aerobic activity and to strength train your core muscles so that when the fat is gone, you’ll have something good looking to show for your hard work. Great core moves are crunches, bicycle, vertical leg crunch, plank, side plank, bridge and reverse crunches.

Work on your core and as you age and your core will hold your body up and you will live a more active life in the later years. Do this, strengthen your core, and you will be living your very best life!

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