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We Think We Can Have Everything

We have been raised to believe all barriers to individual advancement have been torn down and that we have the freedom to achieve whatever we set out to and experience whatever we choose. But while our freedoms may be limitless, our finances and time are limited and getting more so every day.

That leads to incredible frustration and unhappiness. By trying to have everything and failing, we feel as though we have nothing. The answer is that happiness comes from having a well-rounded life. For most of us, a life in which you can make compromises and pick your spots will provide more fulfillment than one in which you dedicate yourself single-mindedly to the pursuit of being the best in one area and ignoring the rest. It’s time to realize that you don’t have to be the best because there is no such thing, doing your best is more than enough.

As long as you have your health, then and only then do you have everything and are then living your very best life.

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