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Make Better Decisions

Success comes from making sound decisions. College or job? Married or single? This person or that one? Repair or buy new? Rent or own? This job or that one? Now or later? Recognize that you will never have perfect information for making important decisions. Set the goal of making good decisions with sufficient information within a limited time.

Define the problem to be solved. What exactly is the gap between where you are and where you want to be? List as many options as you can to close this gap. Be creative; ask others for their suggestions. Don’t jump on the first good-looking alternative, and don’t stop until you run out of ideas.

Before you implement your decision, ask yourself what might go wrong with it. Prepare yourself to solve possible glitches down the road. Great chess players think 8 to 10 moves out so when they make their decision, they have considered all the options and what could happen.

We need to be like good chess players and then act on your decision, don’t second-guess yourself. But if new information comes to light, be flexible and revise the decision. Make better decisions and you will be living your very best life for sure!

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