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Dream Big, Why Not: Tone Munro

It was in the weeks leading up to 2011 that Tone told her Regional Manager, Norm Sellen, she intented to set a new  sales record — so she did the math.

Tone says matter-of-factly that there’s really no secret to her success. “Just set your target and keep heading toward it.” Tone set her target and calculated exactly what it would take each day, each week and each month to hit it.

 “Someone once told me that ‘no’ is the first two letters of ‘nothing’. It’s nothing. You can’t stop and dig a hole when you reach a rough spot. It just gets deeper, doesn’t it? You have to get past it and keep going.”

The next several months for Tone was a whirlwind of early mornings, late nights, and countless appointments squeezed in the middle. On top of all that, she remained committed to her goal, refusing to live by any previous boundries or limitations. What may not be suprising is Tone ended up breaking the record. More suprising, however, is this: she did it with three months to spare, leaving the final quarter of her year as time to pad her already unmatched legacy with AIL.

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