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Tough Times Don’t Last But Tough People Do

I was watching the news on Christmas Eve and the news reporter said of the people in NJ that times are tough, but their faith is strong. I thought about that as I watched people who lost it all, turn around and help others who lost everything also.

Tough times are never good, but they allow the best in us to come out. The only way however that we can see tough times for what they are, is if we have faith that can carry us through those tough times.

Faith in ourselves, in others and in a God who is charge of it all. Faith that this too shall pass and I will be better somehow someway because of what I am going through.

It has been true for me! After my accident, I changed. I have much greater appreciation for life, my daughter, my friends, and life in general.

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. You gotta’ be tough to make it in this world and the only way you can get tough is to experience tough times. The only way your muscles grow is when they go through the pain of pressure you apply to them.

Diamonds become diamonds when we pressurize coal until it then becomes a diamond.

We are the same way. The tougher life is on us, the more of a chance we have to become someone who can be used to show others what to do. After all, I have been through hell and I am back better then ever, let me help show you the way!

So remember that tough times just don’t last, but tough people do!

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