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We Become What We Think About

Earl Nightingale, after 30 years of research and study determined the secret of success is simply; “we become what we think about.”

Success is a matter of expectation. It is amazing how our thoughts, feelings, and attitude at the beginning of a project, game, or idea influence the outcome. If we expect to do well on a test, we do. If we expect to enjoy the play, we do. If we expect to play tennis well, we do. No one wins all the time, but people who expect to win, do win more often than people who expect to lose.

Positive thinking people seem to get that intangible edge that we often call “the breaks”. They expect to succeed just as they expect the sun to rise in the east. They create a habitual attitude and expectation of success.

First, if you don’t like yourself, change the way you feel about yourself by doing things that will cause you to like and respect yourself, it all starts there! It’s all about cause and effect. First the cause, I feel good, effect, great results.

Remember that the happiest people in the world are not without problems, They are people who have learned how to solve their problems. You can alter dramatically the pattern of your life by altering just slightly the pattern of your thinking. You can decide to change from a problem person to a solution person, from a negative thinker to a positive thinker.

When things look bleak, remember you can change your thinking. We are the only creatures on earth with that powerful ability. Dwelling on the negative only has a negative influence on our lives.

Remember that you will become what your thoughts are, so think good thoughts and you will be living your very best life!

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