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Relationship Building, the Key to a Great Life


Everything that you want in life you will have to get through people.

Example: A student needs a good teacher to inspire and encourage him or her.  An employee needs a good boss, someone who cares, who will be there for them and help them when they need help and support.  A leader needs the people they lead to be inspired to do their work with great passion and focus.

In an intimate relationship, you need each other to fill in where the other leaves off. As they say, someone to complete you.

A patient needs a good doctor to help repair and fix them. On August 17th of this year, I will celebrate 10 years of almost having my life taken away and one man giving it back to me, Dr. Mark Riellly, one of the great pelvic reconstruction surgeons on the planet. Wherever you look you will see that it takes people to help you and me live our best life.

So how are you doing in this area? Are you valuing and caring about the right people in your life or are you taking them for granted?

As you study history, you will notice that the happiest people are those who have amazing relationships with people.  So how can you build a better relationship with your boss, your spouse, your friends, those you meet every day?

1. Take interest in them – people don’t care how much you know until the know how much you care.

2. Let them know about your desires, wants and needs and see how they somehow help you get there.

3. Resolve all issues, big and small. The #1 reason for relationship and communication breakdowns is unresolved issues and it starts with the small ones.

So set aside time today and every day to build meaningful, fun, and awesome relationships with people and you will be living your very best life.

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