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Everything Happens For A Reason

Have you ever said that before? Of course you have. Have you heard others say it? How many times have you heard that “Everything happens for a reason.”?

What does it mean? That everything happens for a reason and sometimes we don’t know why and other times we can see clearly why something happened.

I was grounded recently during the last storm and I had a choice. This sucks, or there is a reason and my job is to relax, take it in, and figure out my next move.  So I dug in and I accomplished things that I would not have accomplished if it were not for the storm and my flight being cancelled.

While driving, I hit every light and the traffic was the worst and I did not get to where I needed at the time I wanted to.  There is the first clue. I wanted to get somewhere, I wanted to make something happen when I wanted and it did not happen, why?

Maybe I need to learn to be more patient. Maybe there is someone I need to meet and see and I don’t know it.

Everything Happens For A Reason so let’s do our best to discover why by doing a few key things;

1. Don’t get upset or angry.
2. Start to think about some of the good that might come.
3. Go with the flow and realize that you will not always know why things happen.

If you stop and look back at your life and see things from a very open point of view, you will discover that everything happens for a reason and know that;

“All things work together for good for those who believe.”

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