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A coach, motivator, and friend on the journey to living your very best life.
Smile And The World Smiles Back

People will go out of their way for you.

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Press!  Press!

What does it take to get a 747 off the ground?

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Hidden Compromises Really Matter

The titanium ingot used to manufacture the fan had a tiny imperfection…

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Quality of Life Part II

How do you pull that off?

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Quality of Life – DLR Showcase with David Cohen

One of his great accomplishments is ‘quality of life’.

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Turn Your Car Into A University

He would tell stories that would have me laughing, crying and inspired.

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Developing The Leaders Around You

This is the toughest of challenges.

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Green And Growing – DLR Throwback Sunday

Keeping it fresh in a classic Daily Locker Room episode

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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

What does success have to do with toothpaste?

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The Sun Always Comes Out

One of the greatest sayings I have always held dear to my heart

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Growing Up Is Overrated

Step one: Remain curious your whole life.

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Sacrifice Equals Freedom

It may mean that you get up earlier..

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Every Day Starts as a Tie

. Sure, some people may appear more talented than we are, but…

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Nightmares or Dreams

You can’t live without your dreams.

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Handling Pressure

Can you make a diamond out of your big toe?

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Confidence Is Earned

Did it work? You bet it did!

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How Deep Is Your Hull

..get tossed around like the much less expensive ones.

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Hard Or Soft, Which Are You?

As you can imagine I became the devil himself..

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Look For The Little Things

We came across something called Gravity Hill.

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Harry’s Razor

Management went over the top.

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The Winning Recipe

Grab these four ingredients and mix thoroughly.

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Positive Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Your routine is what gets your day started.

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Are You Ready

Well here it is folks.

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