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A coach, motivator, and friend on the journey to living your very best life.
Don’t Look Around You

As I grew over the years I realized how critical that was

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Eight Years Old,18 Miles

Pushing back against the naysayers.

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Don’t Argue, Understand Instead

Even if you’re right and they are wrong, they lose and you lose.

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Wear Flattering Clothes

How can you sell a dream, and look like a nightmare?

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Learning Not to Worry

When we worry, we wear down our mental motor.

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Beast Mode

Of course they do it within the leg limits of the law.

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You Are What You Eat

As you can imagine this woman was not going to a photo shoot.

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Grow in Inches

Take 10 minutes in the morning

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Don’t Take Things So Personal

Easier said than done, I get it.

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Be Positive!

Some great hands-on tips.

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Red Bull World

I want to give you another remedy for increasing your energy.

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Your Strongest Desires Determine Your Destiny

It never comes a day late or a day early.

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The Cost of Respect

They all beat me up so bad..

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Get In Line

Here’s the challenge.

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Leverage the Talent Around You

Anyone who says that they were self-made hasn’t made much.

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The newest addition to the Daily Locker Room library.

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Balance isn’t always 50/50

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Feelings vs Commitment

I see this problem too often in my business

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Success vs. Significance

First… Dare to dream big

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Get Off the Cell Phone!

One of the rules that my daughter and I have..

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Treat each day like it’s the last day of your life!

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Grab Every Yard

That’s what separates us from average performers

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You Are Wealthy Right NOW!

You can have lots of money and be poor in spirit.

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Treat Yourself

The other day I got a phone call

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You can turn your back on a situation

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