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Three Nuggets

how do I spot the talented ones in future leaders?

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Keep Moving Forward – DLR Throwback Sunday

When you do something wrong, don’t hold onto it and beat yourself up about it.

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Sharpen Your Axe

What do Abraham Lincoln and a butter knife have in common?

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DLR News

Coach Gigs brings us up to speed

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Who’s In Your Company?

‘Matty D’ tells it better

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So How Old Are You?

Here are 4 tips to stay young and happy.

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Judy Spade – DLR Showcase

Today we feature Judy Spade

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We Win As A Team

. In my business, I wouldn’t succeed without a host of people committed to achieving greatness together.

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Party Now, Suffer Later

The key is to gain something worth celebrating.

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Every Day Counts – Introducing Matt Diulus

Each day is a page in the book of your life.

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It’s Not What Happens, It’s How You Respond

The greater the glory, the greater the challenge.

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Mike Vasu – DLR Golden Nuggets

There’s gold in them thar’ hills!

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Why do I love Mondays?

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Inside Job, Outside Job Or Both

We’re not talking about a bank job here.

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If It Was Easy Everybody Would Be Doing It

Are you having a tough time achieving something? That’s great!

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Showcase: Katie Massart

There’s plenty to learn from Katie’s professionalism

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Showcase: Roghie Hassan Loo

Today we feature Roghie Hassan Loo

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Most success stories start out as failure stories.

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Maintain a Positive Mindset

It doesn’t take any more effort to go forward than it does to go backward

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Pack Your Parachute

Eat your peas, tie your shoes and pack your parachute.

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Let Peace Be Your Umpire

Before you ever make a decision, you should stop and see if you have peace inside.

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Keep On Climbing

we have a higher gear to shift into

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Fruit of Success

Some of the fruit of living your very best life.

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