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Are You Hurt or Are You Injured

The good news is you can get back up.

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Be Where You Are

Have you ever had that happen to you?

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The People You Meet, The Books You Read, The Habits You Form

“In order to set fire to others, you must first set fire to yourself.”

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Trust But Verify

How often are people hurt by people

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Clarify Your Vision

As soon as he crosses the finish line, he collapses like a sack of potatoes.

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Stop Pretending

There’s no fooling the big man upstairs.

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Stop Being Soft!

How about some nails for breakfast?

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Don’t Let Them Rob Your Joy

Keep your good attitude and joy in your hip pocket every day

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Overcoming Adversity Part 2 – Tami Gaines

Our Intention is to return power to those who feel powerless

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Make Sure to Ask Why

this is clearly a topic we all need to dive into

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Overcoming Adversity – Tami Gaines

I have found hidden gifts of growth in every challenge

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I Got A Dream, What’s Yours?

You need somewhere to go in order to get there.

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Soldier Up and Choose Resistance

you can do this the easy way or you can do this the hard way

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Process Before Production

The process to get there often includes… setbacks?

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Fight the Good Fight

Grab a tissue. You’ll want to call your Mom after this.

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Attitude Toward Work

I want to first encourage all of you to read the story about an African farmer, called ‘Acres of Diamonds’.

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Attitude Toward Others

Everything worthwhile in our lives comes from people.

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Attitude Toward Life and Yourself

With a great attitude, a person can succeed with very little else.

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Respect: Live It and Give It to Get It

we are at different times of the day or week both leaders and followers

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Private Victory Precedes Public Victory

we are made of mind, body and spirit

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Attitude Makes Or Breaks You

Suddenly we find ourselves getting the so-called “breaks”

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Become A Problem Solver

If you think about this, it makes perfect sense.

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Develop Your Optimism

I realized, after struggling in the early part of my life, that I needed to get some help

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Too Many Snow Days

The next day you woke up late, played in the snow, and had a great time.

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Integrity, The Number One Ingredient of Leadership

The dictionary defines integrity as “the state of being complete, unified”.

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Imitators vs Innovators

Just being different doesn’t always make a difference.

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