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Is It Worth It?

I realized that we’re ALWAYS in that spot…

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Heaven or Hell – Your Choice

The path that has no beginning and will have no end

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Older, Wiser… and Hungrier

If you’re watching this message, you are not like everyone else.

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Grow in Inches

Take 10 minutes in the morning

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Get In Line

Here’s the challenge.

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Leverage the Talent Around You

Anyone who says that they were self-made hasn’t made much.

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Feelings vs Commitment

I see this problem too often in my business

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Success vs. Significance

First… Dare to dream big

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Grab Every Yard

That’s what separates us from average performers

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Make Yourself the Underdog

Did you just hit the side of a bulletin board?

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The Magic Is In You

There’s only one thing that EVER stops us from forward momentum.

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A fundamental component of achievement and success

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A Daily Locker Room Milestone

Coach Gigs makes an exciting announcement.

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Decide Exactly What You Want

This step alone will give you the advantage over most other people.

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Be Willing to Pay the Price

Always the first one on the floor and the last one off the floor.

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Climb the Hill

In life the fun is at the top of the hill.

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The Power of Now

They were building computers in a garage.

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Share Your Dream

Make others a part of the dream and it will become even greater.

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Total Commitment

You’ve been given a map

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Team Players Are the Leaders

The guitarist sometimes thinks he is the most important.

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Tragedy or Footnote?

By the time he was 28, this person had lost his job..

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Crawl Then Walk

The key is to not be discouraged

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Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle

You’re not going to wait for opportunity to come to you.

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No Pain No Gain

All that pain will be a distant memory.

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Life Management Not Time Management

The fact is that there is plenty of time inside of each 24 hours.

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It’s Not Over

If you don’t quit….it’s not over!

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Finishing Requires Starting

As the Roman philosopher Seneca said:

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