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Protect Your Joy and Happiness

It takes a whole lot for me to lose my joy and my happiness because I have learned the secret.

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Mental Toughness

How many interceptions have you thrown in your life?

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Heaven or Hell – Your Choice

The path that has no beginning and will have no end

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Tough Times

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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Did You Swear?

You better %#@&^ watch this.

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Programming Your Mind

If you are, then you’re seeing marked improvements

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Hurting People Hurt People

At first glance I thought that I was the problem.

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Keep Growing Until You Die

The mind is like a parachute

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Hope Is What Sustains Us

A balanced life diet includes hope.

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Eight Years Old,18 Miles

Pushing back against the naysayers.

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Learning Not to Worry

When we worry, we wear down our mental motor.

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Beast Mode

Of course they do it within the leg limits of the law.

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Be Positive!

Some great hands-on tips.

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Treat each day like it’s the last day of your life!

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You Are Wealthy Right NOW!

You can have lots of money and be poor in spirit.

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Laugh More Often

That makes me laugh every time.

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Get Rid of the Bad Apples

Out of the 30 people there there were six left.

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The Magic Is In You

There’s only one thing that EVER stops us from forward momentum.

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World Class Habits

I’d like to share some habits that will help you to develop.

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Creating a Winning Culture

These are the five foundations for building a great culture.

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Think Like an Owner

Think like a business owner

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Stop Hanging and Start Climbing

The next time someone asks you how you are doing, try this;

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Believe In Yourself

It might help you to know that the latest brain research

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Live Completely

You can spend your life any way you want, but you can spend it only once.

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Cherish This Day

Try asking a few people today…

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Life is hard right now

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Positive Attitude

The bumblebee should not be able to fly

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I Love Rock & Roll

Have you ever felt like label after label was rejecting your album?

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