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Change Your Tune

What kind of thinker are you?

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Don’t Sit Still

you will look back and smile because you did not let any grass grow under your feet

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Let Go Already

When ever we hold on to the past, we rob ourselves of the possibilities that are in front of us right now!

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Get On Your Game Face

There are three simple steps to getting yourself ready for that big moment.

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In today’s Daily Locker Room Coach Arias describes the ‘other’ CPR

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Time Is Ticking Away

There has never been anyone on their final day that wished they had more of anything other than TIME!

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The Sweet Smell of Humility

just tell them to shove their arrogance and superior attitude up their @##.

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Let’s Change The World

It starts with someone, you and me, learning to be more responsible

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Don’t Let Them Rob Your Joy

Keep your good attitude and joy in your hip pocket every day

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Overcoming Adversity Part 2 – Tami Gaines

Our Intention is to return power to those who feel powerless

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Overcoming Adversity – Tami Gaines

I have found hidden gifts of growth in every challenge

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Attitude Toward Work

I want to first encourage all of you to read the story about an African farmer, called ‘Acres of Diamonds’.

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Attitude Toward Others

Everything worthwhile in our lives comes from people.

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Attitude Toward Life and Yourself

With a great attitude, a person can succeed with very little else.

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Attitude Makes Or Breaks You

Suddenly we find ourselves getting the so-called “breaks”

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Time – The Substance Life is Made Of

It seems that the only chance some of us get is to have our own mortality threatened.

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Put Your Troubles In Quarantine

if you tell the right people
about your troubles, you will divide them in half

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Make Others Feel Like A Million Bucks!

I want to encourage you to be one of these people

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Keep Moving Forward, No Sitting Still

In science class, we were all taught

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Growing In Confidence

Confident people make things happen.

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Live Inspired In 2014 Part 2

Aattitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

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Have Fun and Enjoy Every Day

So do me a favor, don’t grow up, it’s over rated!

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Optimize Your Optimism!

Go into an activity believing the best about the outcome.

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Challenges Are Blessings

Challenges and setbacks come into your life to help you grow

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It’s All in How You Frame It

Look for the good in others and you will find it.

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A Precious Gift

You have been given time that can be invested or wasted

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Be First Class, It’s The Only Way to Fly

Class is confidence, it never runs scared.

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