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Be A Chameleon

Be aware of your surroundings

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Get Unstuck

Try something different today

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Renew Your Mind

Whether you do it by design or by default

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Transform or Conform

Do you want to fit the mold or break it?

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Life by Comparison

If you’re going to compare yourself to others…

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Think Outside the Box

What he was trying to teach them is to think outside the box

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Thoughts Have Creative Power – DLR Throwback Sunday

The same law that applies in the physical world also applies in the world of thought.

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Shark Tank Vision

We’re gonna’ need a bigger boat.

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Hop on the Change Train

To grow, by definition, something has to change.

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Sacrifice Equals Freedom

It may mean that you get up earlier..

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Look For The Little Things

We came across something called Gravity Hill.

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Closed Doors

Bigger and better ones are about to open.

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Time For New Traditions

Tradition has value, and it often is what connects generations of people.

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You’re not moving forward? Reboot!

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It’s Not About Position, But Empowerment

My title does not give me the influence I need to effect any kind of leadership or change unless that influence is achieved by my action.

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The Cheese Is Moving – Leadership Monday

The only change that we like as human beings are the changes that we’ve decided upon

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Keep Moving Forward – DLR Throwback Sunday

When you do something wrong, don’t hold onto it and beat yourself up about it.

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DLR News

Coach Gigs brings us up to speed

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Why do I love Mondays?

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Man In the Mirror

It’s gonna’ feel real good.

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Change Your Life

That big change for success in your life, is happening one day at a time.

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Changing the World

If you’re wondering how we’re going to change the world in three minutes, stay with me.

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Let Go Already

When ever we hold on to the past, we rob ourselves of the possibilities that are in front of us right now!

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Let’s Change The World

It starts with someone, you and me, learning to be more responsible

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The Sun Is Coming Out

In life, you will have some rain, some clouds, maybe you are experiencing a monsoon

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New Year’s Resolutions Are Garbage!

New Year resolutions and Now Year revelations

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Remember that success leaves clues.

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