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Older, Wiser… and Hungrier

If you’re watching this message, you are not like everyone else.

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Open Doors vs. Closed Doors

If you live your life every day with this reality then you will see…

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Wear Flattering Clothes

How can you sell a dream, and look like a nightmare?

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Beast Mode

Of course they do it within the leg limits of the law.

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game

Treat each day like it’s the last day of your life!

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You can turn your back on a situation

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Believe In Others

You’ll be right 99% of the time.

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Be You

I would sound and be like them.

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Cut Me Some Slack….Please?

My limited thinking at the time was causing me pain and suffering.

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Believe in Yourself

Most of the time it will come to pass.

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Just Go With It

It’s these buses I want to talk about.

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Fear and Failure Are Inevitable

Refer to this formula and have no fear of failure.

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Stop Hanging and Start Climbing

The next time someone asks you how you are doing, try this;

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Believe In Yourself II

I was not the most gifted or talented person in my field.

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Believe In Yourself

It might help you to know that the latest brain research

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You Can Do It If You Believe You Can

Is today just another day or is it one more day that will move you closer?

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Confidence  Is Earned

Is it really that easy?

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Don’t Park the Bus

You won’t get a date with that guy or that woman unless you ask.

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Life by Comparison

If you’re going to compare yourself to others…

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Finishing Requires Starting

As the Roman philosopher Seneca said:

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You’ve Got Class

Follow these four steps… you’ll be one class act!

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Own It

Have you ever had someone tell you what to do, and you know they have never done it?

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