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You Are What You Eat

As you can imagine this woman was not going to a photo shoot.

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Grow in Inches

Take 10 minutes in the morning

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Balance isn’t always 50/50

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Feelings vs Commitment

I see this problem too often in my business

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Get Off the Cell Phone!

One of the rules that my daughter and I have..

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No One Is Watching

What kind of things are you up to when no one is watching?

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The One Minute Manager

How many of you have seen managers rip somebody up in public?

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A fundamental component of achievement and success

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Excellence is a Choice

The very best in the business are totally committed to excellence.

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Be Willing to Pay the Price

Always the first one on the floor and the last one off the floor.

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Excuses Suck

There’s no excuse!

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Self Discipline II

The two areas of self-discipline we must follow as leaders

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Self Discipline

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

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Manage Yourself Because You Can’t Manage Time

“Is this what I need to be doing right now?”

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An Owner’s Mindset II

To have an owners mindset you must follow these 7 simple step

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No Off Season

Time to pay some bills.

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No Pain No Gain

All that pain will be a distant memory.

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Even When You’re Coachable, Stay Humble

I’ve dabbled in very basic plumbing issues and haven’t killed myself

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It’s the Person You Become

It forced me to look at myself and my motivation on a daily basis.

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When You Think You’re There

Nobody needs their GPS for this one..

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P&P Leadership

Make these three things a part of your routine…

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The Discipline Of Attitude – Throwback Sunday

Recognize that your attitude needs daily adjustments.

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Experience is What You Get

Experience would be great, if you didn’t have to go through the experience.

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Patience. Got Any?

I didn’t say it would be easy but it’s certainly worth it.

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