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I’m Not A Millionaire

What’s a thousand times a thousand?

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Go Getters and No Getters

It’s not so much IF they get as it is WHAT they get.

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The Fine Art Of Listening

Listening is an art because it is so rare.

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Brian Welsh – DLR Golden Nuggets

Even at the biggest company party of the year clarity prevails.

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So how do you get through life each day?

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Life Management vs Time Management

You can only manage your life, time is always ticking down no matter what.

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Just Show Up

All you have to do is show up more time

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How Bad Do You Want It

The guru turns to him and says.. “Be there at 4am”.

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Matt Parks –  DLR Golden Nuggets

Matt shares a recipe for success.

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Sharpen Your Axe

What do Abraham Lincoln and a butter knife have in common?

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Party Now, Suffer Later

The key is to gain something worth celebrating.

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Showcase: Katie Massart

There’s plenty to learn from Katie’s professionalism

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Change Your Life

That big change for success in your life, is happening one day at a time.

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Keep Plowing Forward

It’s usually when life is at its hardest that it delivers the biggest rewards.

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Eye On The Prize

I like when things move at a steady pace

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Drink More POP

this POP will make you healthy, wealthy and wise

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Feelings vs Commitment

It’s the Universe’s way of rewarding us

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Don’t Sit Still

you will look back and smile because you did not let any grass grow under your feet

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More Opportunity, More Responsibility

“Everyone wants to get to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there.”

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Drive The Car!

Please drive the car or you’re going to kill both of us.

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Leadership Monday with Tami Gaines

a fresh perspective on the importance of self leadership

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Know When It’s Drop Dead Time

The reality is that a deadline is like the starting blocks in a race.

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Put away your Webster’s dictionary

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Just A Little More

Do just a little bit more studying kids

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Trust But Verify

How often are people hurt by people

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Private Victory Precedes Public Victory

we are made of mind, body and spirit

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