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Which Wolf Do You Feed

Two wolves fight for your soul.

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Make Someone’s Day

Leaders and Managers, catch your people doing something good

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So How Old Are You?

Here are 4 tips to stay young and happy.

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Why do I love Mondays?

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Doing The Impossible

I don’t believe I can snap my fingers and change overnight. I know I have to work at it.

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Growing Up Is Over Rated

we learn more and better when we are enjoying the process and having fun

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Screw the Second Half!

be just a little bit better today then yesterday

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Summary For Success

Coach Gigs wraps it up

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Don’t Sit Still

you will look back and smile because you did not let any grass grow under your feet

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Become an Attention Magnet

Solve the problems no one else wants to deal with

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Don’t Let Them Rob Your Joy

Keep your good attitude and joy in your hip pocket every day

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Attitude Toward Work

I want to first encourage all of you to read the story about an African farmer, called ‘Acres of Diamonds’.

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Time – The Substance Life is Made Of

It seems that the only chance some of us get is to have our own mortality threatened.

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Make Others Feel Like A Million Bucks!

I want to encourage you to be one of these people

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Why We Play The Game

Are you going to let anything stand in your way?

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Live Inspired In 2014 Part 1

Being inspired means that you take action.

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Have Fun and Enjoy Every Day

So do me a favor, don’t grow up, it’s over rated!

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Great Things Happen Doing More

Everyone wants to get to heaven but no one wants to die to get there.

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Optimize Your Optimism!

Go into an activity believing the best about the outcome.

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Your Imagination Is A Canvas Waiting For You Paint On

The kind of mental picture you paint is the goal toward which you will move.

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Are You A Skeptic

Tough question number 4:

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Fight Back and Never Look Back

every inch you move toward optimism means another inch of resiliency

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Look For The Good in Everything and Everyone

Seeing the good will give you the advantage of the right emotions and attitude

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It’s All in How You Frame It

Look for the good in others and you will find it.

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Enthusiasm, It’s Greek

People who create and maintain ‘the god within’ make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

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Hold Onto Your Dream

All we need to do is dare to dream big, and be willing to do what others will not.

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