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Brian Welsh – DLR Golden Nuggets

Even at the biggest company party of the year clarity prevails.

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Live An Inspired Life

Every time I get up after a defeat I find myself even more inspired

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Press On Towards Your Dreams

From the moment we were born, it all began.

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Mike Vasu – DLR Golden Nuggets

There’s gold in them thar’ hills!

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Why do I love Mondays?

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Showcase: Katie Massart

There’s plenty to learn from Katie’s professionalism

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Showcase: Roghie Hassan Loo

Today we feature Roghie Hassan Loo

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You Get What You Focus On

Until I shifted my focus…

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Change Your Life

That big change for success in your life, is happening one day at a time.

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Keep Plowing Forward

It’s usually when life is at its hardest that it delivers the biggest rewards.

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Pick Your Head Up!

When we look forward we can steer the ship successfully.

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Eye On The Prize

I like when things move at a steady pace

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How Big Is Your Universe?

I want to talk with you about the arena of your imagination.

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Partners Evolve

Radio and TV personalities Covino & Rich describe the events that brought them to success.

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Feelings vs Commitment

It’s the Universe’s way of rewarding us

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Know When It’s Drop Dead Time

The reality is that a deadline is like the starting blocks in a race.

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The How-To of How To

If I knew how to be the shooting guard of the Knicks, it’s a safe bet that’s what I’d be doing

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Make Sure to Ask Why

this is clearly a topic we all need to dive into

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I Got A Dream, What’s Yours?

You need somewhere to go in order to get there.

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Too Many Snow Days

The next day you woke up late, played in the snow, and had a great time.

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Set The Bar Higher

Keep your vision intact

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Keep Moving Forward, No Sitting Still

In science class, we were all taught

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Live Inspired In 2014 Part 1

Being inspired means that you take action.

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Your Imagination Is A Canvas Waiting For You Paint On

The kind of mental picture you paint is the goal toward which you will move.

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Refocus On the Mission

Just refocus your attention on the mission and then move on.

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Take A Risk

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing

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