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Don’t Settle for Good Enough

Don’t make the mistake of settling for good enough!

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It’s More Than Fireworks

Hold on to your sparklers!

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Hold Hope High

Without pausing for a moment he said…

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Look Straight Ahead

In the spiritual world, it works the same way.

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To Serve Is the Highest Honor

We all have one common purpose and reason.

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The Sun Always Comes Out

One of the greatest sayings I have always held dear to my heart

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An Attitude of Gratitude

For me this was not a natural process.

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See The Good

At the end of each segment he shares a good news story.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day let us all be grateful for what and who we have.

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Love With Your Whole Heart – DLR Throwback Sunday

If you’re gonna’ live your life, live your very best life!

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A Vision of Hope

Napoleon said; “leaders are dealers in hope.”

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Which Wolf Do You Feed

Two wolves fight for your soul.

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I Got A Dream, What’s Yours?

You need somewhere to go in order to get there.

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The Sun Is Coming Out

In life, you will have some rain, some clouds, maybe you are experiencing a monsoon

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Your Life Follows Your Expectations

Friend, that’s what faith is all about…

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Have hope that your future is brighter than your past.

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If you keep the right attitude, this negative situation can be used to your advantage.

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A dream is both a target and a catalyst

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Don’t settle for second best or good enough.

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Hope is what will give us the fortitude to stay with it whether in business or personal.

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Great leaders are dealers in hope.

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It’s easy to blame events of the past for problems in our future.

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