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Get Rid of the Bad Apples

Out of the 30 people there there were six left.

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Sometimes You Gotta Get Intense

Let me get a check list and see if this makes sense

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The Six Principles of Leading People

Someone got very creative and figured out a way to make that formula work.

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Creating a Winning Culture

These are the five foundations for building a great culture.

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Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard

When the people around you see you doing this they will begin to support you.

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Share Your Dream

Make others a part of the dream and it will become even greater.

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Self Discipline

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

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Develop a Personal Relationship

His people don’t take advantage of it and they know that he cares.

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Transform or Conform

Do you want to fit the mold or break it?

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Own It

Have you ever had someone tell you what to do, and you know they have never done it?

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The Law of Victory

Great players and great coaching.

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P&P Leadership

Make these three things a part of your routine…

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Developing The Leaders Around You

This is the toughest of challenges.

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Hard Or Soft, Which Are You?

As you can imagine I became the devil himself..

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Just Go

..the office will burn to the ground without you.

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It’s Not About Position, But Empowerment

My title does not give me the influence I need to effect any kind of leadership or change unless that influence is achieved by my action.

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Wisdom and Understanding, Get It!

The following are the ways to think so that you achieve the greatness that lies within you.

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Take That Hill Part 2

Mentoring doesn’t require a lofty position to make it work.

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The Power of Great Mentors

As I got older I realized that everyone around me affects me

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The Psychology of Giving

I’ve discovered three keys as to why people will give

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Three Nuggets

how do I spot the talented ones in future leaders?

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We Win As A Team

. In my business, I wouldn’t succeed without a host of people committed to achieving greatness together.

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Encourage Someone Else To Dream

We all need each other much more than we know

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Your Leadership Copyright

branding your leadership style

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Lead By Example

Let me rewind the tape though for one minute.

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It’s the Coaching! – The Voice

American Idol was great back in the day.

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