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Create The Life You Desire, Words

The other day I wanted to test this power.

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Take That Hill Part 2

Mentoring doesn’t require a lofty position to make it work.

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Life Is Responding To Us

Coach Arias has some tips on harnessing the power you have

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Balancing Life

Use imbalance to achieve balance

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Keep Things In Perspective – Part 2

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

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Love Never Fails

Love keeps no record of wrongs

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Every Day Counts – Introducing Matt Diulus

Each day is a page in the book of your life.

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Showcase: Katie Massart

There’s plenty to learn from Katie’s professionalism

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Pack Your Parachute

Eat your peas, tie your shoes and pack your parachute.

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You Cannot Be Defeated

You can only be defeated in your mind

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Don’t Settle For Good Enough

Start believing again for more.

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You Get What You Focus On

Until I shifted my focus…

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Changing the World

If you’re wondering how we’re going to change the world in three minutes, stay with me.

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Three Key Ingredients

Here they come in today’s Daily Locker Room

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How Big Is Your Universe?

I want to talk with you about the arena of your imagination.

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Drink More POP

this POP will make you healthy, wealthy and wise

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Discover Your Sweet Spot

It wasn’t long before I left that job in search of my dream job.

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Stop Pretending

There’s no fooling the big man upstairs.

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Overcoming Adversity Part 2 – Tami Gaines

Our Intention is to return power to those who feel powerless

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Overcoming Adversity – Tami Gaines

I have found hidden gifts of growth in every challenge

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Do you know where your destiny is?

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Keep Moving Forward, No Sitting Still

In science class, we were all taught

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Live Inspired In 2014 Part 2

Aattitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

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Your Imagination Is A Canvas Waiting For You Paint On

The kind of mental picture you paint is the goal toward which you will move.

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Lack No Good Thing

Meditate on the fact that you have been given life

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So How Will You Finish

It’s easy to feel like you’ve missed

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Refocus On the Mission

Just refocus your attention on the mission and then move on.

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