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Patience Is a Virtue

Boy you must have a lot of patience!

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Next Level

Taking it to the next level requires a few steps. The first step is to…

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The Mirror Principle

There you have it…the mirror principal

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Charisma, Got Any?

What is it that makes them so charismatic?

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Hurting People Hurt People

At first glance I thought that I was the problem.

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The Gardening Principle

Don’t take the ones you have for granted

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Don’t Argue, Understand Instead

Even if you’re right and they are wrong, they lose and you lose.

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Leverage the Talent Around You

Anyone who says that they were self-made hasn’t made much.

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The newest addition to the Daily Locker Room library.

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Balance isn’t always 50/50

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Believe In Others

You’ll be right 99% of the time.

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Cut Me Some Slack….Please?

My limited thinking at the time was causing me pain and suffering.

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Building Solid Relationships

Engage in what Rick Altig calls the platinum rule.

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The One Minute Manager

How many of you have seen managers rip somebody up in public?

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Share the Joy

Joy shared is joy doubled

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It’s More Than Fireworks

Hold on to your sparklers!

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Use Feedback to Your Advantage

Information about improvement opportunities.

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The Trust Edge

Trust is more like a forest

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Surround Yourself with Greatness

So what does your mastermind group look like?

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Develop a Personal Relationship

His people don’t take advantage of it and they know that he cares.

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Are You Teachable?

You can excel and go to the next level.

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Be Predictable

Like my good friend Rick Altig always says…

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Team Players Are the Leaders

The guitarist sometimes thinks he is the most important.

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Compliment People In Front Of Other People

If you want to make others feel like a million bucks, you’ve got to master this elementary skill.

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Never Get Advice From

Start off on the right foot.

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Even When You’re Coachable, Stay Humble

I’ve dabbled in very basic plumbing issues and haven’t killed myself

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