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Balance isn’t always 50/50

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Get Off the Cell Phone!

One of the rules that my daughter and I have..

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Self Discipline II

The two areas of self-discipline we must follow as leaders

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Life Management Not Time Management

The fact is that there is plenty of time inside of each 24 hours.

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Procrastination On Purpose II

What if you were wrong about everything you thought you knew about time management

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Procrastination On Purpose

Telling yourself and others how busy you are is s self defeating pattern.

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The Sun Always Comes Out

One of the greatest sayings I have always held dear to my heart

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Sacrifice Equals Freedom

It may mean that you get up earlier..

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Are You Ready

Well here it is folks.

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Find Balance In Your Life – DLR Throwback Sunday

After a break, you’ll come back better equipped to work.

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Winners Always Last

What if winning was as easy as hanging around?

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Grow Down Before You Grow Up

Are you ready to grow ninety feet tall?

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The Butterfly Effect

A lesson in science and inspiration all wrapped up in one.

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It Doesn’t Always Happen Now

Amazing results take time. Winning the lottery happens overnight.

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Life Management vs Time Management

You can only manage your life, time is always ticking down no matter what.

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Each Day A Masterpiece

That’s why they call it the present!

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Keep Moving Forward – DLR Throwback Sunday

When you do something wrong, don’t hold onto it and beat yourself up about it.

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Doing The Impossible

I don’t believe I can snap my fingers and change overnight. I know I have to work at it.

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Screw the Second Half!

be just a little bit better today then yesterday

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Let Go Already

When ever we hold on to the past, we rob ourselves of the possibilities that are in front of us right now!

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Time Is Ticking Away

There has never been anyone on their final day that wished they had more of anything other than TIME!

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Be Where You Are

Have you ever had that happen to you?

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Time – The Substance Life is Made Of

It seems that the only chance some of us get is to have our own mortality threatened.

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Plan Your Weeks and Days

It’s the good stuff to plan for a great year.

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the 86,400 seconds we started with today are disappearing

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Who’s in Charge of your Time?

there are 168 hours in a week, and even if we sleep eight hours a night, that leaves 112 hours for everything else

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A Precious Gift

You have been given time that can be invested or wasted

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New Year’s Resolutions Are Garbage!

New Year resolutions and Now Year revelations

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