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Your Inner Circle

What kind of inner circle do you have?

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Approach Every Day with Optimism

I was so convinced on optimism that…

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Nurture Hope

I hope you wake up every day with hope

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Cultivate Humility

In other words, the spirit of learning.

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Let Others Help You

Coach Gigs goes undercover at a trendy department store

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Do More Than What is Expected

Gigs, I’ve done more and it didn’t get me anywhere

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Become Irreplaceable

Something begins to happen beyond

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Master Your Fears

Fear is learned along the way.

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Life’s A Roller Coaster

The ride will bring us to unexpected and wonderful places

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The Four Laws of Compassion

I’ve learned from someone else

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Trust Is the Currency of the Realm

The seemingly impossible falls into line

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Talent is Needed But Trust is Imperative

I’ve seen so many talented people perform at super high levels.

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Trust Requires Three Things

Just what does it take to create a trusting environment?

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The Impact of Trust

“How does trust impact our business, our lives.”

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Someone Else Has Figured It Out

He was taking it all on his own shoulders

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